July 16, 2024


With two powertrain options, the 2024 Denza D9 MPV vehicle sold under BYD’s Denza brand had its official debut on March 6. While the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (DM-i) version offers five versions with costs ranging from 339,800 to 449,800 yuan, the battery electric vehicle (BEV) version offers three trim levels with prices between 379,800 and 469,800 yuan.

Front and back view

In 2022, BYD debuted the Denza D9 on the Chinese market. After Mercedes-Benz reduced its 50% stake in this joint venture to 10%, it turned into the revitalization of the Denza brand. With 117,978 sold, the Denza D9 rose to the top of the minivan market in China in 2023. This MPV has now been updated for 2024.


The Pioneer Four-Seater Denza D9 Edition

With a price tag of 600,600 yuan, the 2024 Denza D9 offers a four-seat Pioneer Edition along with a number of other features like trade-in and buy rights, worry-free car usage, financial privileges, and hassle-free maintenance.

With an 18-way electric seat adjustment system, an 18-point massage, and a large screen in front of the second-row passengers, it is positioned as the most opulent version. The D9 Pioneer is expected to be delivered in the second quarter of this year.


Exterior Look

Adopting the π-Motion design language, the 2024 D9 maintains the iconic appearance of its predecessor visually. The PHEV version has a sizable diamond-cut grille, while the BEV version has a waterfall-style grille. The through-type arrow-shaped design on the back ensures strong identification and satisfies commercial aesthetic requirements.

The new Denza D9 provides a roomy and cozy driving area with its proportions of 5,250mm in length, 1,960mm in width, and 1,920mm in height with a wheelbase of 3,110mm.

The front electric suction doors of the 2024 Denza D9 make it easier to close doors while entering and leaving without upsetting rear passengers who are sleeping.

Interior Design

There are two internal seat configurations for the Denza D9: a 7-seater and a 4-seater. A 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel, a heads-up display, and a 15.6-inch floating screen are all located on the center console. The 2024 D9 defies convention by adding physical buttons to the steering wheel in place of the touch-sensitive ones. There were also more practical buttons on the center console. A new interior shade, an adjustable wake word for the car voice assistant, and the game center app are among the other changes.

Power-wise, the 2024 DENZA D9 is equipped with the DiSus-C intelligent damping body control technology, which can combine comfort and handling by intelligently adjusting chassis stiffness based on road conditions. There is a 20% improvement in braking pitch and a 12% improvement in cornering roll control using comfort control technology.

The Denza Pilot L2+ intelligent driving assistance system, which provides lane guidance, remote parking, and other cutting-edge functions, is also included in the new model.


Powertrain Performance

The 2024 DENZA D9, in all BEV and PHEV variants, has an external discharge mode with a 6kW capacity that can sustain several high-power electrical appliances at once.

With a 103kWh battery pack and an 800V platform, the BEV variant achieves an outstanding range of nearly 620km. Additionally, it includes a novel dual-gun ultra-fast charging technology that can replenish 230km of range in just 15 minutes, converting normal fast-charging stations to “supercharging” stations.

With the 80kW DC quick charge feature of the DM-i model, the battery can be charged from 30% to 80% of its capacity in just 25 minutes. Under the CLTC test cycle, it has a combined range of 1,050km and a battery-power-only range of up to 200km.

Denza claims that once the presales began, more than 10,000 orders were placed for the updated version of this MPV.

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