July 16, 2024


The G318 SUV is the newest extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) and the first hardcore SUV offered by Deepal, Changan Automobile’s new energy-vehicle (NEV) division.
At a launch event on 13 June 2024 in Lhasa, Tibet, Deepal unveiled the G318. Its starting price is RMB 175,900 ($24,260).

A national highway in China that terminates in Lhasa is the G318 clearly influenced the nomenclature. The model’s tough SUV character appears to be the reason behind Deepal’s choice of moniker. The car shares a boxy outward appearance with a few other extreme off-road SUVs.

There are six models offered to consumers, including two-wheel and four-wheel drives.

Deepal G318 Powertrain and Mileage

Power is provided by a range-extending technology that combines the Golden Bell Battery 2.0 with an electric motor or motors producing 112 kW (150 hp) 1.5T engine. The maximum velocity is 175 km/h, the fastest charging time (30 minutes to 80% charge time), and the range is 1,000 km (CLTC).

Four-wheel drive has front electric motor: 131 kW (176 hp), rear electric motor: 185 kW (248 hp), maximum power 316 kW (424 hp), peak torque 572 Nm, fuel consumption (CLTC): 6.7L/100km, 0 – 100 km/h acceleration time: 6.3 seconds, lithium iron phosphate battery pack capacity: 35.07 kWh; offering 174 km & 184 km pure electric ranges (CLTC).

Two-wheel drive has rear electric motor: 110 kW (148 hp), maximum power 185 kW (248 hp), peak torque 310 Nm, fuel consumption (CLTC): 6.1L/100km, fastest 0 – 100 km/h acceleration time: 8.3 seconds, lithium iron phosphate battery pack capacity options: 18.99 kWh and 35.07 kWh; correspond to 100 km, 184 km & 190 km pure electric ranges (CLTC).

In addition, the Deepal G318 has 16 driving modes that include 3 special scenarios (tank turn, steep slope descent, off-road crawling), 5 daily modes, 5 terrain modes (wading, snow, harsh, mud, and sand), and 3 energy management modes.

Deepal G318 Dimension

The wheelbase of the Deepal G318 is 2880 mm, and its measurements are 5010/1985/1895 (1960) mm. Its approach angle is 27°, departure angle is 31°, torsional rigidity is 45000 Nm/°, and minimum ground clearance (with the battery pack) is 278 mm.

Deepal claims that the back uses the “Gate of Space” design motif. The car’s off-road nature is further emphasized by the external spare tire. Furthermore, the four-wheel drive variant meets the requirements for towing, with a maximum capacity of 1,600 kg.

Deepal G318 Interior Design and Technology

Three color schemes—Dense Forest Black, Glacier Blue, and Holy Lake Green—are available for the metallic accents that adorn the interior, which is largely covered in suede materials. There includes a D-shaped steering wheel, a dual-screen setup with a 10.25-inch instrument panel and a 14.6-inch central control screen LCD, as well as a ton of physical buttons, most of which are located beneath the central control screen. The Deepal OS is the source of the car’s operating system.

The center console’s gear lever is broad. Additional options include level 2 advanced driving assistance features, voice recognition, a built-in driving recorder, 50W wireless charging for mobile phones, Bluetooth, NFC, and RFID keys, and front seat heating and ventilation.

Additionally, the Deepal G318 has a one-touch flat seat design that allows you to make a bed by flattening the front seats. When the back seats are folded down, the trunk volume can be increased from 818 L to 1747 L simultaneously. Additionally, there are 31 storage areas within.

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