July 16, 2024

The All New ONVO L60, Nio’s New Product Line

Nio introduced Onvo, its mass-market brand, on May 15. It caters to young families and is positioned under the Nio brand. Ledao, which translates to “road to happiness” in Chinese, is the Chinese name for Onvo, or On Voyage. September is when the deliveries are scheduled to begin, and today is the presale price, which is 219,900 yuan (30,500 USD).

Image Source: Onvo

The Onvo L60 is an all-electric fastback SUV that Nio extensively compared to the Tesla Model Y at its formal launch. According to Nio, the EV uses 12.1 kWh/100 km of energy under CLTC settings, which is less than the Model Y’s 12.5 kWh/100 km under the same CLTC parameters.

Prior to the launch, Onvo President Alan Ai (Ai Tiecheng) stated, “We’ve prioritized low power consumption since day one.” Ai was formerly Disney’s vice president of marketing and general manager of WeWork China. After joining Nio in January 2021, he went on to form the Alps team, which Onvos code-named.

Onvo L60 Dimensions and Variants

With dimensions of 4828/1930/1616 mm (length/width/height) and a wheelbase of 2950 mm, the Onvo L60 is a mid-size SUV. That equals a wheelbase of 116 inches and dimensions of 190/76/64 inches.

By contrast, the Tesla Model Y has a wheelbase of 2890 mm and measures 4750/1921/1624 mm, making it marginally smaller. The China price of Tesla’s SUV, with a 60 kWh type that has a CLTC range of 554 km (344 miles), is 249,900 yuan (about 34,600 USD). There is no frunk on the Onvo L60, in contrast to the Model Y.

During the introduction event, Alan Ai stated, “The Onvo L60’s pre-sale price is 30,000 yuan (4,200 USD) lower than the Model Y.”

Image Source: Onvo

The Onvo L60 will come in three range variants:

Standard range with 555 km (345 miles) (60kWh)
Long range with 730 km (454 miles) (90kWh)
Extra Long Range with 1000+ km (621+ miles) (150 kWh)

WeLion makes a 150 kWh semi-solid state battery that is notavailable for purchase but can only be installed in cars at swap stations. Because of its 900V design, the L60 should charge quickly.

Image Source: Onvo

The battery pack is included in the presale price. The beginning cost of the car under a BaaS (battery as a service) subscription was not disclosed. It is typically, however, 70,000 yuan (9,700 USD) less. Prior rumors in the media suggested that BYD was a supplier of Onvo batteries; however, Nio omitted the name of the battery maker from the conference.

Onvo L60 Battery and Range:

The L60 has a CLTC range of 555 kilometers for the normal version and more than 730 kilometers for the long-range variant, according to Onvo, who has not yet disclosed information about the battery pack.

The L60 will be offered with an ultra-long-range battery pack, giving it a range of more than 1,000 kilometers, similar to Nio versions.

Nio’s 150-kWh semi-solid battery packs, which can provide the ET7 car with a range of over 1,000 kilometers, are currently in experimental operation.

In terms of aerodynamics, the mid-size SUV has a respectable drag coefficient of 0.229Cd at 120 km/h, and Onvo states that its energy efficiency meets the CLTC level at 92.3%.

Onvo L60 Interior:

Although the inside was not formally introduced, we do know that the cabin will have a massive 17.2′′ central control screen with 3 K resolution, a 13′′ head-up display (HUD), and no LCD instrument panel in front of the driver. On the back of the center console is an 8-inch entertainment LCD for the passengers. A new in-cabin software called Onvo OS is in charge of all of this. It’s interesting to note that the front seats may be fully folded down to make a single, spacious bed.

Image Source: Onvo

Driving Intelligence and Driving Assistance

The Onvo L60’s assisted driving system eliminates the LiDAR from the roof’s center while keeping the cameras on either side. This is in contrast to the Nio models’ system, which combines cameras and LiDAR technology.

Notably, Onvo upgraded the L60 with a 4D imaging radar a feature absents from the existing Nio models which improves obstacle recognition over the cameras.

The SFR-2K 4D imaging radar is manufactured by the local firm SinPro, which was funded by Nio Capital in April 2023.

According to a statement released by SinPro today, the SFR-2K will come standard on all Nio NT 3.0 platform models. The Nio ET9, in addition to the Onvo L60, also has the component.

The Onvo L60’s assisted driving technology is powered by an Nvidia Orin X CPU, which can deliver 254 Tops of processing power. As of right now, Nio models have four Orin X chips, or 1,016 Tops, as standard. Unlike the vertical screen of the Nio series, the center screen of the Onvo L60 is 17.2 inches horizontal.

The model retains the HUD (Heads Up Display) feature but lacks a dashboard similar to Nio versions.

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