July 16, 2024


Image source: BYD

In August 2023, the Fang Cheng Bao brand was formally unveiled. November saw the release of the Bao 5, the company’s first and only automobile on the market. Its second vehicle will be the flagship SUV, the Bao 8. The Chinese regulator unveiled the Fang Cheng Bao Bao 8 (Leopard 8), revealing some of the new tough SUV’s major specifications. The company claims that Fang Cheng Bao is a new brand under BYD that focuses on customized cars.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said on May 12, 2024 that BYD has submitted an application for the Bao 8 to be homologated for the Chinese market, releasing images of the production model.

What is Known about Boa 8 so far

Bao 8 is a big, tough SUV with six or seven passengers that is about 5.2 meters in length. The measurements are wheelbase 2920 mm and 5195/1994/1875 mm. There are 3,905 kg of curb weight.

Image source: BYD

Similar to the Bao 5, which is a smaller model, the Bao 8 is an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV). This version is plug-in hybrid; instead of powering the wheels, the internal combustion engine powers the battery or the e-motor. 200 kW of power are generated by the 2.0 turbo engine.

Bao 8 is equipped with two electric motors: a 200 kW smaller motor up front and a 300 kW larger motor at the back. There are 700 kW (939 horsepower) of powertrain output in total. The maximum speed is 180 km/h, and the acceleration time is 4.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.

Image source: BYD

The energy is stored in BYD’s Blade lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP) from FinDreams, a fully owned subsidiary of BYD. The capacity, though, is still unknown.

The vehicle will be equipped with BYD’s new DMO offroad vehicle platform, which will house the Disus-P suspension system.

The Bao 8 New Revelation

On 17 June, 2024, the medium and large hard off-road new automobile Leopard 8’s official interior image was released by BYD Formula Leopard Automobile. Based on the BYD DMO(Dual Mode Off-road) super hybrid off-road platform, the car is anticipated to be released after the third quarter of this year and is designed with “future starship aesthetics” in mind.

Image source: BYD

With its suspended central control screen, four-spoke multifunction steering wheel, and “yacht” electronic shift mechanism which also keeps a lot of physical buttons, indicating a hard-core sense of technology the car’s central control layout is similar to that of the Leopard 5. It also has an embedded instrument screen and a passenger screen.

Image source: BYD

Two rear configurations, a 2+2+2 six-seater and a 2+3+2 seven-seater—were formally unveiled. The second row of the six-seater vehicle features individually adjustable seats that have the potential to be heated, ventilated, and even massaged. Simultaneously, the model with seven seats allows the passenger seat to be folded flat at the touch of a button, creating the impression of a spacious bed.

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