July 16, 2024

Nio Breakthrough battery powers electric car for 1,000km after a single charge

Shanghai-based Nio
, during a 14-hour live-stream, which saw the car travel from Zhejiang province to Fujian province on Sunday at an average speed of 84km/h, Nio chief executive William Li drove the all-electric ET7 vehicle 1,044km (649 miles). A separate test of the breakthrough battery reportedly saw it cover 1,145km, however this was not broadcast.

Nio claims that the next-generation battery will enter mass production in April 2024. This offers  a longer range than any other electric or fuel-powered car currently on the market.

“The completion of this endurance challenge proves the product power of the 150kWh ultra-long endurance battery pack,” Mr Li posted on Weibo.

“This battery is currently the battery pack with the highest energy density in mass production in the world and has excellent safety performance. More importantly, all models on sale can be flexibly upgraded to 150kWh batteries through the Nio battery swap system.”

Nio uses unconventional method of vehicle charging by using a battery-swap system instead of plugging the car into an outlet and waiting for the battery to recharge.

A fully automatic battery swap in 3 minutes. Nio takes the approach of swapping instead of recharging. A 3-minute swap for a fully charged battery without getting off the car. A health check on the battery and electric drive system during every swap, ensuring the optimal status

of the battery and vehicle” as written in Nio official website.

According to Qin Lihong, president of Nio, purchasing the new battery outright would cost 298,000 yuan (£33,000), or about the same as the price of a Tesla Model 3. For this reason, the firm recommends using a hire program for both its clients and the electric car market as a whole.

Consumers who purchase a car without a battery can use Nio’s network of batteries by paying a monthly subscription fee.

Through its network of more than 2,000 Power Swap Stations worldwide, the firm disclosed in November that it has performed more than 32 million battery exchanges for users.

Comparing the Nio ET7 to regular ICE sedan like the Toyota corolla 2023 model with a full tank capacity of 13.2 gallons/49.97 liters. On an average of £1.42 per liter of gasoline as of 25 December, 2023 it will cost £71.4571 to fill a 2023 Toyota Corolla to full tank.  While the Nio ET7 at 150kWh/150d will cost £28.5 at 0.19 pence per kW to be fully charged.

Thus, with 13.2 gallons of gasoline, a Corolla Toyota will drive a distance of about 620.4 miles whilst a Nio ET7 fully charged will go a distance of about 649 miles.

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