March 5, 2024

  1. Mercedes has been granted permission to use turquoise lights on its autonomous vehicles in the United States.
    This distinctive color will be utilized to indicate the cars’ self-driving capabilities in America.

Mercedes is set to incorporate turquoise lightsMercedes is set to incorporate turquoise lights in its autonomous vehicles on American roads.
As the first car manufacturer to do so, Mercedes has secured authorization for turquoise ‘marker lights’ in California and Nevada. This allows the company’s vehicles in these states to use these lights to signal their autonomous driving features to other road users.

The authorization in California is for a two-year testing period for the vehicles, whereas in Nevada, it is for vehicles produced in 2026. This Nevada permit will remain effective until any legislative changes are made in the state.
Markus Schäfer, a board member and chief technology officer at Mercedes-Benz Group AG, stated, “Mercedes-Benz is leading the industry with the introduction of automated driving marker lights. We are proud to be the first automaker to receive such approvals in the U.S., particularly in California and Nevada. As automated vehicles become more common, the need for clear communication and interaction between them and their surroundings grows increasingly important.”

Mercedes states that these permits will enable the company to gain valuable knowledge about how autonomous vehicles interact with other road users. The introduction of a unique marker light color aims to significantly boost public acceptance of automated driving.
The chosen turquoise color is effective in providing quick and reliable recognition for other road users. Additionally, it is distinctly different from the lighting colors used by emergency services and traffic signals.

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