July 16, 2024


Two of the most well-liked luxury brand models in the nation are the crossover SUVs, Lexus NX and Lexus RX. It makes sense to compare the NX and RX even though the former is smaller than the latter because many luxury consumers are inclined to select one over the other. In the old days, there would have been a rather simple choice because the RX was better in almost every category.

Which of the two Lexus models the NX or the RX is best for you given their remarkable performance specs and range of engine options? Here, we examine the SUVs’ respective performances in order to highlight the main distinctions between the NX and RX.

Front view

Which Lexus model the RX or the NX has more style?

Both versions have angular and slanted body lines, as well as unique daytime running light and headlamp signatures that identify them as members of the same vehicle family.
They do, however, also have special qualities of their own. For instance, the Lexus RX has an exquisite and sophisticated appearance that makes it appear considerably larger on the road.
The smaller Lexus NX makes use of the brand’s angular style to give it a more aggressive and sporty appearance.

While the front-end styling of both vehicles is identical and utilize Lexus’s “spindle grille,” the RX has a somewhat more erect stance than the NX.

The bigger RX also has a two-tone pattern that creates the appearance of a floating roof on the C-pillar, the section of the vehicle that sits between the rear windows and the boot.

Powertrain Difference

The powertrains of the Lexus NX and RX differ significantly from one another. While the Lexus RX has a 3.5L V6, the Lexus NX has a 2.0L turbocharged I-4 engine as standard. Their horsepower outputs are 235 horsepower for the Lexus NX, 295 horsepower in the Lexus RX

The Lexus NX sprints from 0 to 60 mph faster than the Lexus RX, despite the latter’s higher horsepower output. It takes only 7 seconds to get there, compared to the RX’s 7.7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour.

Another distinction is that the RX has an 8-speed ECT, but the Lexus NX has a 6-speed Electronically Controlled Transmission with Intelligence (ECT-i).

What technologies is available in the Lexus RX and NX?

A big touchscreen infotainment system is included on newer NX models; however, you may add features such a 360-degree camera and self-parking technology by upgrading to the Premium Pack, Premium Plus Pack, or Takumi.

As the brand’s flagship SUV, the RX has even more features as standard, like a Panasonic sound system. Its touchscreen display is even bigger.

Dimensions and Boot Space

The length of the Lexus RX, at 4,890mm, might surprise you. A Lexus ES saloon is actually 8.5 cm longer. When the mirrors are folded in, the dimensions of the RX are 1,920 mm by 1,695 mm.
In person, it’s fairly easy to distinguish between the two because of the NX’s noticeable smaller size. It measures 1,865 mm broad (including mirrors), 1,660 mm tall, and 4,660 mm long.
The Lexus NX has a surprisingly large boot, ranging from 521 to 525 liters, depending on the model you choose.

Although the Lexus RX’s 461-liter boot is around 200 liters less than the finest in its class, it is still roomy enough to accommodate several baggage. The spacious and pleasant rear seats of the automobile make up for this.

Which is more dependable, NX or RX?

The Lexus RX and NX are both dependable automobiles. Not only is Lexus a trustworthy manufacturer, but Toyota, which has established a stellar reputation over the years, supports it as well.

Even though the warranty on these vehicles is very mediocre, if you maintain it once a year at a reputable garage, you can receive up to 10 years of coverage an industry first that demonstrates how confident Lexus is in its vehicles.

Summary of the Differences

Lexus NX

Lexus RX


46.9cu ft

46.2 cu ft


73.4 in

75.6 in


65.4 in

67.3 in


183.5 in

192.5 in


41.0 in



38.3 in

39.5 in





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