June 11, 2024

Image Source: Nio

In China, the Nio ET9 began its road testing. It is the flagship model for the company, and it will be on sale in early 2025. Its external style is in line with other Nio models’ design language. It has retractable door handles, a closed grille, headlamps built into the front bumper, and thin DRLs.

The ET9 boasts an imposing presence in addition to being loaded with technology, such as steer-by-wire and a 900-volt electrical design. The Nio has a massive 128-inch wheelbase, making it 0.8 inch longer overall than the Bentley Bentayga with an extended wheelbase. Its entire length is 209.7 inches. The ET9 is 4.7 inches shorter in height than the Bentayga, with dimensions more akin to an extra-large crossover than a traditional SUV (Nio refers to it as a “landjet” design).

Image Source: Nio

Pricing of Nio ET9

A price of 800,000 yuan ($110K) was announced.

New Technologies in Nio ET9

Steer-by-wire, a feature that will be used by more and more Nios in the future years, is being used for the first time by the ET9. The steering wheel and rack are not physically connected; instead, all inputs and outputs are supplied electrically, including redundancy in case of a power outage. Since Nio previously declared a technical partnership with supplier ZF Group on steer-by-wire, we can presume that supplier is the one who developed the ET9’s technology. In addition, the ET9 boasts an active suspension with height-adjustable air springs and rear-wheel steering.

Nio ET9 Powertrain

Two motors provide all-wheel drive for the ET9. 697 horsepower is produced by a 456-hp permanent-magnet synchronous motor at the back and a smaller 241-hp asynchronous motor at the front. The 120.0-kWh battery can reportedly allow DC fast-charging at up to 600 kW while operating at 925 volts.

Nio ET9 Powertrain

It features retractable door handles, black rims, a LiDAR and two cameras on the roof, and a sizable trapeze-shaped air inlet. The automobile that was spotted also has standard side-view mirrors.

LiDAR sensors are located in the ET9’s front fenders. The Nio ET9 features an extensive active spoiler and a continuous taillight strip on the back. It’s also evident that the shark fin antenna on the roof is absent from the spotted model.

Interior Design of Nio ET9

The ET9’s design is obviously centered on the needs of rear-seat passengers, just like other high-end Chinese cars. The rear features a tray table akin to an aircraft and two reclining seats, obviously drawing inspiration from private jets. With the push of a button, the back seats may recline up to 45 degrees, and the cabin can be darkened by one of the 11 motorized blinds. Additionally, a noise-cancelling system is included.

Along with a profusion of digital displays, passengers will also have access to a smaller 8.0-inch control screen between the back seats in addition to a 15.6-inch central touchscreen in the dashboard and 14.6-inch monitors hanging from each rear occupant’s front seat.

Image Source: Nio

Other Features of Nio ET9

With a minimum of three LIDAR arrays, one facing forward and one monitoring each side the ET9 will enable higher-level assisted driving. The Shenji NX9031, which is said to be the first automotive-grade chip in the world with a 5 nanometer architecture, provides the processing power needed to run such systems.

A video of Nio ET9 winter tests was posted by Nio. It can shake snow off its body and lower suspension to minus 50 mm, making it easier for passengers to get in and out of the car in addition to improving comfort for the driver and passengers.

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